Getting Fit – Part 1 – The Diet

I’ve decided to start a three part series on this site that will help you with your goals of getting fit. I believe getting fit is directly related to three things in your life. They are:

  1. Your Diet
  2. Your Excercise
  3. Your Lifestyle (things you do including sleep)

It’s quite simple when you break it down like that. This post will cover the diet.


This one isn’t rocket science. Basically what you eat is full of protein, carbs and fat. They add up to an amount of calories that you take in. The amount of calories you should take daily depends on a lot of factors including sex, age, general exercise levels and whether you are trying to gain or lose weight. Here’s a great website to help you determine how many you should have.

Now you have determined how many calories a day you are allowed then it is all about working out how to ensure you eat that many calories in a healthy way. There are SO MANY different diets out there claiming to be the best, but I’ve always found that it’s about just eating healthy foods. You need meats, vegetables and fruits. Keep the processed foods to a minimum and try not to have to many saturated fats. Does that sound easy? Well, it is! You don’t need to try any weird diet (here’s a funny list of some of the ones that have done the rounds – list).

Summer barbeque chicken with green lettuce salad

Just get a notebook and track what you eat. It may take some remembering in the early days, but will become routine after a few weeks. By having to write it down it will also make you think twice about what you are eating. Here’s a good website to determine how many calories are in certain foods (link).

It’s also important to ensure that the food you have covers the main food groups. You want to ensure you have some dairy (particularly if female), some grains, meats and fruits and vegetables.

fruit 2

I also think it is very important to ensure you drink a lot of water. The amount of calories you save by not drinking sugary drinks is amazing. Plus water has a lot of health benefits as well. I also shouldn’t need to tell you about the evils of sodas.

Also don’t forget to ensure you have food that contains your vitamins. You will find the majorities of these in your fruit and vegetables.

If you are having problems keeping to your daily intake, you can try a dietĀ suppressant like Maqui Berry. These act by reducing your need for food through a variety of ways. They generally get good feedback.

Having said that I prefer to go natural without the use for drugs.

But each to their own.