Why are there so many online fitness experts

If you search “online fitness expert” in Google you get no less than 47 million results. And that’s a pretty detailed search. Throw in a bunch of other terms and you can get pretty confused about how to get fit and/or lose weight.

There are literally countless pieces of exercise equipment, personal trainers, drugs, gym memberships etc on offer. They will all tell you that they have the ‘best’ plan and that their ‘plan’ will work and no one else’s ‘plan’ will.


Well fantastic for them anyway. They get your money. So they are happy. You… well.   it could be fantastic for you. It might work. But there is a strong likelihood you won’t enjoy it and just stop doing it after a few days, weeks or months (if you are strong willed).

Basically what we find is most important in being fit is finding stuff you like doing.

Well that sounds easy.

Not quite. Because you need variety, so you need to find a bunch of different things you like.

Here’s and example for us – We might jog for one week, next month go to the local pool and do some swimming, then have a week off, then play mixed netball twice a week. Well… you get the idea.

And that is what this webpage is about. We will have fun and talk about a heap of different activities to give you some ideas what might just tickle your fancy. So sit back, relax (or is that stand up and exercise?) and enjoy our site.

You just need to find things you like and that is what we are here for. It can basically be anything.

Footnote: Also there are also a bunch of daily activities that you can turn into exercise. Going shopping… pick the furthest car park to park in (in a later post we will go into a bunch of these).