About Us

Our names are Mike and Juliet. We love being fit. We love the natural high from getting our heart beat going and burning those calories. However we are a bit different. We can’t do it the way they say you are suppose to. The way people say you are meant to do it. You know the structured fitness that you see offered everywhere. Nope. We need it to be unstructured and even chaotic.

We have never been trained professionally. We just go out and do what we want. So what if we don’t do it ‘right’. So what if professionals look at us and say “They’re doing it wrong”. We laugh at them.

Being honest, the facts are, if we were in some program made by some of these so called professionals we would get bored of it. After about 3 days we would just stop doing it.

We love having the freedom to be fit however we want to.

So that is what this blog is about. We look at some weird and wonderful ways to get and stay fit. We look and examine why this is a great way to do it and how it can be far better than the structured fitness program.

Now the Blog Name. Climbing – Not Trained. Basically we are not going to sell ourselves as experts. This site is meant to be fun and we don’t expect you to follow what we say. Blog posts are meant to make you think about how YOU want to get fit. CLIMBING to fitness your own way!

Finally, if you want to get in touch with us you can find a contact form over here.

Now go out and have fun!